Heimdalls Wacht

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A warning sign and a lamentation… invoking what once was and never will be again!

Heimdalls Wacht is the sound and the fury of our present era, reproaching the modern world in its pervasive conformity and mindless stupidity. Clamoring wrath! Shrieking desperation! Sonic weltschmerz! Withdrawn melancholy! Heimdalls Wacht’s music, lyrics, and overall concept provide an outlet for a deep-rooted uneasiness, a discomfort in the face of an empty zeitgeist and the monotony of the masses, treating with contempt today’s consumer society that venerates hollow idols and cannot grasp true spiritual richness. Heimdalls Wacht’s lyrical concept is thus of the utmost importance to the band – and to be sure, so is the music, which comes along in a most distinctive and expressive blend: on the basis of raw and at the same time melancholic and melodic Black Metal, a number of stylistic influences have entered the sound throughout the years, from Folk and Doom, via progressive and melodic Classic Metal, through Thrash and Death Metal. Furthermore, it is the fact that the group features two vocalists which has made the Heimdalls Wacht style so exceptionally variable, hardly equaled within the confines of the genre, and which underscores the overall musical vibrancy. Coming complete with the power of a twin guitar duo next to the pounding drum-and-bass rhythm machine, the band’s live sound is testimony to the sheer energy of the extreme.

Especially the new singer Skjeld, known from the underground big name Nytkalgia, pushes the boundaries of the former Heimdalls Wacht sound to a new dimension with his scene known extreme vocals. This opens a new era for the band and allows new details of the sound spectrum. Along with him the new drummer Winterheart entered Heimdalls Wacht to bring the input of his skills in his unique drumstyle demonstrated in Bands like Armagedda, Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Hinsidig and many more to the sound of Heimdalls Wacht.

The new album “Geisterseher” shows Heimdalls Wacht in a for the band never seen professional sound created in the worldwide appreciated Stage One Studio of Andy Classen (Krisiun, Asphyx, Belphegor etc.). Apart from this the professional modern standard doesn't conflict with the true oldschool underground attitude of the Band.

Upcoming concerts:

Saruman: vocals & bass guitar
Skjeld: vocals
Teja: guitar
Herjann: guitar
Winterheart: drums

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